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SLMCA @ #1795

I'm a Softlines MCA at store #1795 (Myrtle Beach).  I've been there since late June of this year.  I actually started out in Fine Jewelry but couldn't stay in that department because of my availability at the time.  So my ASM let me switch to being a MCA, and I've been cool with the position ever since.

As a MCA I often do double-, triple-, and rarely quadruple-duty.  I first and foremost do my usual MCA duties (RAD & RAN, stock, fitting rooms, etc.) and assignments (like pull-lists, MRNs, set-up, etc), but I'll also help in Fine Jewelry (because I trained in FJ), footwear (I got a crash course in FW one night in August), and the cashwraps when cashier assistance is still needed after most of the managers have even jumped in to help at all of our cashwraps (tax-free weekend was a nightmare!).  I've been teased by the SGM a few times that my pay should be doubled when that happens, but I kinda wish sometimes that he could follow through on that or least let me get commission on the jewelry I sell.

I get along with most of my fellow associates... MOST is the keyword there... but I pray before I walk through the MPU doors and clock in and leave Sears at Sears when I clock out.  No other complaints from me though... just pay and some of my fellow associates bother me. Wait, I lied... pay, some associates, all the doggone stock we've got in lately, and the Canadian and Jamaican customers... I especially dislike those rude Jamaican ladies that shop in our store...


I'm preparing for a 31.5hr week plus Family and Friends night...
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