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Planning to leave Sears...

I know that it's been so long since I lasted updated, but in short my excuse is: holiday season in retail is a nightmare!


I'm kinda sorta preparing for life after Sears.  I've already begun looking into jobs elsewhere, retail and non-retail, field related (psychology for me) and non-field related, etc.  Basically, I'm looking for someplace where I can be treated fairly and not like a second-class creature or because I'm not part of the "in-crowd."  I don't brownnose, backscratch in that manner, etc.

I even applied to JCPenney that's coming to the mall and looking for a call any day now... I wouldn't be too surprised if I get hired there, and then that would be a slap in the face for Sears.

My mind's made up to leave Sears now... nothing anybody at Sears could do now will change my mind... nope not even from my favorites and even ones I consider a friend.

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