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I Tried

Does anyone know if punching in and immediately punching out is an acceptable substitute for calling the attendance number to say you were there but were sent home?

Does anyone know if calling the attendance number is expected when your manager says there is nothing to do and it is ok not to come in?

Last Friday I tried to quit. but I am a wimp and allowed them to persuade me to stay on with reduced hours. I hope that is only until they find my replacement. At least my employee discount card should still work.

I have been planning this event for over a month, trying to work out all the right responses to various questions. But when I was handed a paper that says I didn't show up for two whole days last week and didn't call either, I decided it was time to fix both at once.

The paper was partially right, I did show up the first day but I did not punch in, because my manager agreed that he did not need me there when the truck had just been canceled and there was nothing for me to do. This same manager also told me that there was no need for me to work Saturday either since the truck was canceled and not just delayed, and that the next truck was expected to arrive next Friday and that I should just come back in next Friday. This was said while he had his scheduling screen in front of him. So I truly did not show up the next day, at my managers request. And I also did not look for a posted schedule, who am I to question my manager with the scheduling screen in front of him.

The preprinted notice I got said I already had 5 attendance violations which might not have been true, but it listed two and when I checked the official schedule book in HR it had me scheduled for the Sunday between, so that would have been a third. That Sunday was during the week my manager said not to come in. I really should have checked what was on the computer, but that takes almost 5 minutes just to log in.

I refuse to be the initiator of management communications about my attendance, I would have noticed that bit if it was in the employee handbook I read. It is hard enough to find a manager not surrounded with other employees, or running to solve the latest problem, or behind closed doors in a meeting.

Final outcome: I agreed to work a full day Wednesday and a half day on Friday, which are the most common truck days. If no truck comes in I will just turn around and go home. If extra trucks come in, or they arrive on a different day, they can call and see if I am free.
If they schedule me for any other day and complain that I missed a day, they can fire me or I can quit.

Now if they had a complaint that I did my job poorly, then that would be a totally different story. I listen carefully and politely when they talk about that. However, they wouldn't try to bargain for me to stay nearly so much if my performance was part of the problem.
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