qt_giant (qt_giant) wrote in sears_lj,

future darwin award candidate?

I recently got a star from a manager.
(A star is essentially a thankyou note from a manager that ends up in a weekly drawing for a $5 gift card)
I certainly wasn't trying to get one. And she decided it was so unusual for her to give one that she had to announce it to everyone who was at the meeting just before opening. She did later apologize for embarrasing me.
I was rather shocked when arriving for work at what I saw. Smoking by employees is supposed to be in one place only. Smoking by others is restricted to someplace outside the building. I must also admit there really should be a no smoking sign near the portable propane tanks for sale, but to see someone, who at that hour was most likely an employee, smoking less than 5 feet from the propane tanks rattled me enough to make a comment when I got inside.
As soon as she understood what I was saying, said manager suddenly disappeared. I certainly did not want to ask any questions, but from random comments later I think the person I saw was a company employee but from a different store.
I really don't care if total strangers feel that they have already lived long enough, but I really don't want to be that close when they try that hard to end everything.
Fortunately, there was nothing more exciting to report.
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